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Summer Activities for All of Your Kids!

Posted by Melizza Cuizon on Jul 3, 2020 9:15:00 AM

balloons-1662573_1280_Image by Erzsébet Apostol from Pixabay

Here it is – summertime – which means school is out and there is LOTS of time to fill. You’ve probably spent more than a few hours looking online for things all of your young ones can do, from toddler to teen. I’ve also done my research and found some fun activities that combine inside and outside, adaptable for all ages and group sizes. Explore and enjoy!

Ages 4-6

As most of you know, younger ones love bubbles (give them a straw and a glass of milk to verify this), clay (it’s so squishy!), and painting (oh the colorful mess!). Here are a few ideas for combining a few of these favourites.

  1. Bubble painting
  2. Ice cube painting
  3. DIY Sunshine clay
  4. Make clay nature prints
  5. Freeze dance painting


Ages 7-10

As children get older, they are able to handle more things such as baking in the kitchen and setting up obstacle courses. These activities give them opportunities to be creative while allowing them to do more independently.

  1. Make grassy egg heads
  2. Make bread in a bag
  3. Create an indoor laser maze
  4. Build a backyard obstacle course
  5. Make your own Kazoo


Ages 11-13

  1. Make your own ukelele
  2. Use salt to paint
  3. Create animations using an app
  4. Make a lava lamp
  5. Make ricotta cheese (for your next lasagna!)


All ages

Kids of all ages (including some of us “grown kids”) can have fun with the following activities. I personally can’t wait to try the photos-to-wood activity. I think my teen is probably more keen to try the water slide…or anything water-related this summer!

  1. Make a solar oven
  2. Launch fizzy bottle rockets
  3. Play water balloon games
  4. Build a huge water slide
  5. Transfer photos to wood
    Video: Learn how to easily transfer your photos onto wood

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